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We are happy when we can help our customers find the peace of mind they need when it comes to their health while keeping their health care coverage costs affordable. Read what our customers have to say about their experience with our team.

Affordable Health Care Experts are just that..experts! It was very refreshing to focus all my questions on one person: one person who answered every question, communicated clearly and effectively, explained every detail and process of the changes, and offered excellent advice. It is even more refreshing to know that whenever necessary changes need to be made, the Experts will be there for me! 
- Tiara S. 

Tyler and and his staff were very helpful in helping me with the best options and the best value for my husband and me. I was without insurance for a while because I am a high risk patient. Now I have health insurance! I am so thankful for Tyler and his team for helping me get my coverage in place Thank you, Tyler. I appreciate you and your team so much.
- Monda R.

Working with the Affordable Care Experts to find the right insurance program for me was a pleasure. From the first time I walked through the door I was treated as a valued customer. I walked out knowing that I had just signed up for the best possible insurance that I can afford with coverage better than I expected. Thank you!
- Laurie W.

I haven't had health insurance in years and it's an enormous relief to know that I now have coverage. Thank you for treating me like family and for helping me throughout the enrollment process. I couldn't have done it without your help.
- Wade L.

I am Native American, and the Affordable Care Experts explained to me how I could get an affordable plan with no cost sharing. I now will not be limited to tribal health facilities for my health care needs. Thank you Affordable Care Experts for your knowledge and expertise!
- Jamie W. 

I tried to use the government website to sign up for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act and couldn't get through. I saw the commercial for Affordable Care Experts and called them. Tyler explained everything to me and got me signed up for coverage as soon as the national website was fixed. Everything was completed within a few minutes and I had insurance January 1st. If I have any questions Tyler has the answer or gets the answer within 24 hours. I'm so glad I went to them. It made the process much, much easier.
- Lesslie F.

I am very happy to say that with the help of Melissa Perry from The Affordable Care Experts I was able to get Health Insurance for the first time since 2009. She waded through the HealthCare website for me to find me a policy that not only covered everything I needed, but was so affordable I was able to add a dental plan! I have already sent family members and business clients to her and they too were extremely satisfied.
- MJ Brienen

After months of frustration dealing with different representatives from all over the country, my sister gave me Tyler's name and number at Affordable Care Experts. In just seconds my frustration was gone! Tyler took time to answer all my questions in very simple terms, then he signed us up in just a few minutes. I have called him several times, he always returns my calls quickly, and is always friendly and helpful. I do not believe you could find a better company or agent to help you. Thank you, Tyler!!!
- Judy V.

Tyler and his staff assisted me in choosing a medical insurance plan that meets the needs of each member of our family at a lower rate than our previous plan. Tyler's knowledgable answers to my questions simplified the process of purchasing health insurance.
- Kim D.

As I transitioned from a job with great benefits to being a full-time student, health insurance became an issue. Affordable Care Experts put me at ease and helped me in this transiton. It was flawless and I don't have to worry about my health coverage, which is a huge relief.
-Tino H.

Melissa has a heart for helping people. She took the time to help me make the best health care decision for my needs. Her years of knowledge and experience were invaluable in making the process of signing up for health care extremely easy. Melissa is truly an Affordable Care Expert.
- Armand M.

The staff at Affordable Care Experts were very helpful. They were very patient with my endless questions and were an awesome help when they completed the application on the government website. They are definitely the experts.
- Larry W.

I shopped around and Yvonne Stuart at Affordable Care Experts is the only person who could tell me what insurance my doctor actually accepted. I wanted to keep my same doctor and other companies kept quoting me plans and telling me that my doctor was on that plan but when I would check, he was not. Yvonne was interested in finding the best solution for my needs and wants, not just making a sale. 
- Julie K.

I was so pleased at all the information and knowledge that Melissa Perry was able to give me about my health care coverage. She is so knowledgeable about it all that I am sure she will be able to help many more on this journey of new healthcare.
-Stephani R.

Tyler and the Affordable Care Experts made getting our health insurance policy super easy. Tyler walked me through step by step and in a matter of a few minutes I was finished. No hassles or long drawn out processes and I got the coverage that was tailored to my family's needs. They were very professional and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks, Tyler! 
Bob C.

My husband was planning to retire in December 2013 and I needed health insurance. We both tried navigating the government website for about two months with great frustration. I walked into Affordable Care Experts and was rescued. Even though the office was extremely busy, I was helped immediately. I am so grateful for the expertise of Tyler LaReau and the professional, prompt manner in which he solved my insurance issues.
-Teresa P.

Affordable Care Experts was very helpful in answering all my questions. With just a phone call we were able to complete the application online and sign up for our health insurance.
- Carole W.

I am so glad I made an appointment with Affordable Care Experts to help me sign up for the Affordable Care Act. As confusing as the sign up process is, Tyler was diligent in making sure everything for my family was processed online. I also appreciated the follow up calls to make sure that everything was in place.
- Leigh V.

My wife and I were in need of health insurance before the end of December 2013. We went to Affordable Health Experts. Tyler was very knowledgeable in filling out the forms, friendly, and helped us save money acquiring an affordable health insurance policy. We appreciated the help in order to meet the deadline.
- John and Mary D.

We have used Tyler LaReau for our insurance needs since 2006. He and his team have always been there to help us with any questions about or problems with our insurance needs.  They are a great crew!
- Bernie S.

After 43 years on the job and a few health issues, we're ready to retire and spend more time together and with our family. Health care cost is our biggest concern but with the help of the Affordable Care Experts we've come to see that we can afford health care even on a fixed retirement income. They've taken the guesswork and confusion out of what the Affordable Care Act means for our family. - Larry & Lesley G.

Thank you, Yvonne, for your help & kindness through my search for healthcare. I have so enjoyed your sweet approach with helping me. That is a gift that not everyone has.
- Charlotte B.

Thank you so much for your great help to get me insurance!  
- Betsy M. 

The agent was very knowledgeable and explained what everything was and meant. Thank you very much!
- Scott P.